Don & Marty's

Bruen's Restaurant

The perfect little cozy diner you would hope for and expect in these parts. The atmosphere is classic old school chic, no ironic pretense or snotty air of sophistication. Bruen's has a pretty extensive, well-rounded menu as incredibly affordable, reasonable prices. Bruen's is a popular local hang out, especially with the older crowd.

(606) 663-4252 S Sipple St, Stanton, KY 40380
Don & Marty's

Giovanni's Pizza

Pizza is a perfect meal to stop for on your trip, you can even just place a pickup order and the driver will take you there allowing you to spend that time on the way to your main destination. Giovanni's Pizza is the best around, and specialize in catering to carry out customers. So grab a few pies and hit the road with all of your favorite people.

(859) 498-6858 531 E Main St, Mt Sterling, KY 40353
Don & Marty's

Berryman's Tastytreat

One of our loyal clients reserves a limo bus every 4th of July to go to see the Louisville fireworks and the first stop for the group is always the quintessentially American Berryman's Tastytreat for burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and milkshakes for the whole crew. They are even gracious enough to bring their favorite chauffeur her favorite butterscotch milkshake.

(859) 498-6830 305 E Main St, Mt Sterling, KY 40353
Don & Marty's

El Camino Real

No city is complete without a nice mom and pop (Mamá y Papá) Mexican restaurant. And that is exactly what El Camino Real Mexican Bar & Grill brings to the table, literally. Offering a diverse menu with everything you would expect and more, El Camino is the place to go when you have a craving for what we as Americans deem to be Authentic Mexican Cuisine.

(859) 498-5258 186 Evans Dr, Mt Sterling, KY 40353