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Please call us with as much information as you can put together so that we can save you money!

Historic Tours

Our vehicles will take you to places where you can learn about the rich history of the area and you will be traveling in luxury as well as enjoy the convenience of our service. Since we include unlimited fuel and stops with your limousine rental, we gladly inform you that you'll be able to travel to every place that you wish to see and experience.

Wedding Packages

For your big day, you just cannot beat having a vehicle where your whole bridal party can be together for the whole day. This is going to be fun as your friends help you get ovre your nervousness. Also, call us for details on our wedding inclusions, service, flat-rate deals and everything else that you may need to know for your important date.

Sightseeing Tours

Just like with historical tours, there is a growing demand for luxury transportation on these day trips that stimulate the eyes, mind and heart. Of course we've got a great night life but the beauty of Louisville's day hours is unparalleled.

Sporting Events

When there is tailgating, you are bringing the party to the party. This is something that has become quite popular and with good reason. Also, sporting event transportation is available and is a great way to add more fun and less stress to a day or night out with your group of friends.

Homecoming Dances and Proms

We know as a parent that you want to make sure that your son or daughter gets to the homecoming dance or prom safely. Our drivers are experts at not only making sure that all of the kids get to the dance on time but also that nothing ends up on the vehicle that should not be there. Book one of our vehicles and you will become parent of the year.

Nights Out on the Town

If you haven't been out in a while and need some help on choosing a few stops for your time away, our chauffeurs can help you with that. If not, you're still getting the safest, most fun way to travel while you are out and you're not dealing with traffic or parking, either!

Louisville, Kentucky has everything you could dream!

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